rayolo is a blog for free exchange discussions and opinions about cinema, with a curious look toward ideas and knowledge from different various fields (society, technology, interviews, travels, experiences, knowledge). The blog is divided into three areas: 


articoli rayolo



In this area will be published post about various themes and objects (technology, society, interviews, knowledge, personal experiences and more). Different people that write in this blog, according to their experience and knowledge, will discuss topics of various fields.

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In this space will be published a series of movies with curiosity, backstage, anecdotes that have characterized the context of Italian and international cinema. Movies pages provide a space where you can discuss and debate, making it possible for all users to be able to express their opinions freely through comments and vote movies that will be proposed. Please do not type in the comments plots or “spoilers” of the film. The blog does not contain links to streaming or downloading movies.

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citazioni rayolo



This space is totally dedicated to the words. Will be posted various quotes, belonging to different characters, chosen totally random, without any system or method of choice precisely. It will of course also present quotations from books, songs, documentaries and world cinema.

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