Simon Stiebellehner

I was born in Austria on the 9th of March 1992.


Simon Stiebellehner

After graduating from high school and obtaining the VET Diploma, I completed the obligatory Austrian alternative civilian service working with visually impaired and blind people. Then I began to study Information Systems (BSc), majoring in electronic marketing and information management and control, at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In the course of this study program, I completed an exchange semester at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

While studying I first worked for the student association as voluntary counsellor for a year and then for an international management consultancy in IT for two years. Moreover, I was a member of the elite program “WU Top League” of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In July 2015, after writing my thesis on the effects of intrusiveness in online advertising, I obtained my degree as one of the best students of the degree program (top 0.1%)

I decided to do a gap year between my bachelor program and the beginning of my master studies. Therefore, since September I have been been working in Munich in digital marketing for one of the largest technology companies in the world: Microsoft Germany

In my free time I love travelling, educating myself and doing sports.


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