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Born 26 years ago in a cold night of December, under the sign of Capricorn.

Ideatore e creatore di rayolo

Ideator e creator amd content manager of rayolo

Once I got the high school diploma, I continued my studies and I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Communication Science at University of Cagliari (Italy), with a thesis entitled “Changes and new strategies for network communication. The Google case” in which I analized the new frontiers of communication in today’s web. Later, I left Sardinia, the beautiful land where I was born, moving to England, where I studied and worked for one year.

Afterwards, I obtained a Master Degree in Communication Science at University of Bologna (Italy), where I was also a member of the web editorial board of the degree course ( Compass ). Since I have always been interested in online marketing, I have focused my concern in web marketing, which led me to prepare and discuss my master thesis entitled “Communication and marketing in the new net economy“. During the Master Degree period I lived 7 months in the Netherlands, attending the VU University Amsterdam as an exchange student.

I had years of experience in communication, and since I was a child I have always felt a strong interest in computing and technology. In addition, I am a curious person, with a great appeal for music, literature and travel as a means of meeting and understanding different cultures and experiences.

I am a cinema lover and in my point of view, cinema is one of the arts more introspective, questionable and subjective existence. This passion is one of the many reasons for which I created this blog, which is especially a free space for discussion and debate on the cinema, aiming to collect opinions, emotions and judgments of all readers.

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