Alice Strano

Born in Carbonia, a city in Sardinia in 1988, and totally in love with this land.

Alice Strano

When I was a child I have always had the desire to became a journalist, so in 2007, I applicated in Faculty of Letters and Philosophy at University of Cagliari. In 2010 I graduated in this faculty with the thesis about Video On Line, the first online journal in Europe, speaking about the past and the future of the journalism in Internet. In 2013 I took a second degree in History and Society with a thesis about the dictature and democracy in Chile. During the studies I decided to live abroad.

My first experience abroad was with an Erasmus in Spain, where I met a lot of people, coming from different parts of the world and with a different culture. After this unforgettable experience, I decided to do some internships and works, so I went to Mexico City, where I was working in one of the most important mexican newspaper. Therefore I lived three months in Santiago of Chile and in Spain again, where I worked in a Institute of italian culture and in the Regional Library of Murcia.

After a Master in online journalism, one in digital media communication (IED) and another professional course, I started to build websites, make videos and  be a graphic designer. Now I am working in a important insurance company, I am still learning a lot of things and I love what I am doing. I am very happy to live now in the island where I was born and in the city that I choose. But I will never stop to do some trip abroad!

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